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How To Open Your Own E-commerce Store and Start Earning?

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For those who have something unique to sell or have an idea to sell uniquely, setting up an online store and generating an accelerated income is not a big deal. Technology is here to help you, and to get started quickly you don’t need a king’s ransom.

Many people think that they have to avail services from Drupal web development companies  in order to get a fully featured website. However, at this phase, you don’t want to spend $40000 – $80000 right? But, if you have the slightest of technical knowledge, you can start your store for as low as a grand.

1. Start With an MVP

When you almost have no time to draw your idea online, getting a heavy website is out of the question. Hence, an MVP (minimal viable product) is a better choice. An MVP is a smaller version of your website containing only the most vital features. It may cost only 20% of a fully-featured website.

The pros of an MVP is it allows you to find out the flaws in your basic version, let you calculate what’s working for you and what’s not and take necessary actions.

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2. Getting Your Store Up

When you are struggling with the budget, automatic store builders are your best choice – suggest top Drupal website development services in USA.

WooCommerce and Shopify provide all the handy tools to customize the look and the feel of your website. The monthly price starts from as low as $29, the price of a good meal out.

3. Content and SEO Strategy

Text and images on your both your e-commerce platform and social media channels are content. The better you make your content, the more organic reach you will get. More the reach, more the engagement which will result in higher sales and recognition.

4. Inventory Management

Logistics, packaging, and inventory management are all the parts of e-commerce. When you move to a higher level, you will probably make every process automatic. However, at the basic level, you will have to take care of everything manually including how many products you have in stock, how many are at discount and all that.

Remember, it’s possible to get your e-commerce portal up and running in seven days but you can’t expect instant success. Hence, expect a slow growth at first few weeks. Market it yourself on several social media channels and ask your friends and family to spread the words. After a certain financially stability level, you can explore to SEO and PPC campaigns.


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Hiring a Developer for Your Website: Make Sure He/She Has These Skills

If you have begun to search for a developer to build your first website, you probably know the importance of having an online presence. Last five years were the blooming years for internet, even the smallest of businesses ranging from tiny store holders to street vendors had their own websites.

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Apart from running their own social media pages, they strived to spend a few bucks to have a basic to medium level website. And why not? With each passing year, new technology has allowed CodeIgniter web development companies in USA to deliver online solutions at affordable prices.

Coding for a website is an art. And it has to be as immaculate as possible. Otherwise, the bugs, security breaches, and constant shutdowns would not let you breathe in peace. Hence, you need a web developer who knows what he is doing. And here’s how you can make sure of that:

1. Technical Skills

The recent focus on communication skills has somewhat devalued the significance of technical skills. But, someone’s inefficiency to speak and write your native language doesn’t diminish his coding prowess right? Hence, check overall experience, awards, projects completed, and customer reviews to know about a developer’s expertise.

2. Creativity

Again I am putting this over the communication skills. Why? Because just one in hundred people are creative enough to let your website’s theme appear distinct. If it looks different, your customers will definitely remember it. Moreover, CodeIgniter web development services prefer developers based on their level of creativeness.

3. Research Skills

This is a clash with communication skills but somehow overpowers that. If your developers could understand your project completely and could research for a similar project to offer you a bunch of improvement suggestions, what could be better than that?

The world we know today is overflowed by web designers and developers of different skills and expertizes. Their cost per hour would differ as well being the highest for the top grade developers. However, thorough reach will help you find out the one that suits your needs perfectly.

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Google I/O Conference 2017: Highlights and Google’s Leap For Future

The Google’s annual I/O 2017 conference just finished in San Francisco, California and left lots of users enthralled. As a developer working in a renowned Laravel web development company in USA, I was curious and eagerly attended the conference to get insights of what Google features for the mobile and website world. I have noted down the following highlights:

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The Statistics: Increasing Number of Users for Both Android and Google

The tech giant Google, powering the 85% of daily internet searches, is also rapidly growing enormously as its popular video streaming subsidiary YouTube crossed 1 billion users. Among those 1 billion searches, a whopping 60% were done via mobile devices, suggesting the fact how people act while on the go. That also renders that businesses should optimize their website according to the size of mobile devices and moreover should opt for a professional app.

Another statistic suggested that 1 to 2 billion photos are being uploaded to Google across the world every day. Even the Gmail has got 1 billion users, thanks to the free Google Docs with amazing free 15 GB space.

Android O

Related imageGoogle’s new Android version ‘O’ will soon be available to upgrade and now supports Kotlin programming language as announced. It has several salient features such as the ‘picture-in-picture’ mode, notification dots, and auto saving technology that are exciting the users.

Google Lens

The Google lens now recognize text info in the picture along with identifying photos and content. Experts are speculating of Google lens as the future of how the computing will be done, maybe it will become advanced enough to operate by the brain signal. Who knows? However, leading Laravel web development services should tighten their belts and stay ready for whatever the future holds.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Google is working on its new virtual reality device that won’t require a smartphone, known as the VR-platform daydream. The primary focus of Google might be the education sector rather than games in terms of incorporating virtual reality.


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Why Should You Leverage Social Proof to Skyrocket Your Business

Recently I crossed roads with one of my old friends. After a brief talk, he started to flaunt his whole new ‘Fidget Spinner’.  

The concept and the toy looked pretty basic to me and out of the curiosity, I asked him why did he buy it? He glared at me like I am an alien and after a brief pause of several seconds, he finally constructed an answer and said- “Because it’s trending”. He mentioned that a lot of his friends and favorite celebrities bought them as well.

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You might be thinking that how this tiny story can serve any value to your business. Well, if we dig a bit further, a concept called ‘Social Proof’ reveals.

A slew of smart entrepreneurs, with the help of PHP web development companies, are optimizing their websites and social media content to employ ‘social proof’ as a way to escalate influence and sales.

What is Social Proof?

Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon and experts explain it as how a person acts in the public or finds an action correct in a particular circumstance depends on the fact that how his/her relatives, friends, or celebrities usually act in the same circumstance. In other words, people’s actions and thoughts are results of what they see others around them.


How One Can Leverage Social Proof for Your Business Growth?

Let’s say you are running and online store that sells outfits for all occasion and season. Normally, you would have a constant sales graph of a particular T-Shirt.

However, as soon as you post a pic of a famous celebrity on your company’s Facebook account, wearing the same T-shirt with the link of it on your website, the sales of the same will skyrocket before you know. In today’s times, a number of PHP web development services also offer content marketing experts that can advise you the ways to employ this concept for your business growth.

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4 Brilliant Ways Technology is Stimulating Healthcare Industry

The roots of technology have deeply entered in our everyday lives. And we are embracing all the fruitful outcomes with open hands. The healthcare sector also hasn’t been refrained from the heat of emerging websites and mobile apps. A plethora of businessmen, doctors, and entrepreneurs are using different forms of technologies to make an impact in people’s lives through useful applications.

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PHP, so far, has been acclaimed as one of the best languages for healthcare websites. If you too have an amazing idea that you think can bring ease to people’s lives, then go for a PHP web development company and get your web application developed.

1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine has brought medical assistance and expert consultancy directly in a patient’s hands. Now, during a lunch break in office, having a video call appointed session with your doctor and getting prescriptions is not a far concern anymore.

Not only this approach saves your time but, at the same time, it makes the conversation quick and effective. You don’t have to waste an entire weekday for an afternoon appointment at a busy hospital miles away from your office. Applications such as Babylon has presented a wonderful example of incorporating telemedicine in healthcare.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality

The well-known Pokemon Go showed a whole new definition of augmented reality to the world while simulation games still rule on VR. However, preceding the footsteps the gaming industry, a handful of other sectors are also inclining towards these technologies. The healthcare sector is the most prominent in them as it has been perceived that by adhering to both of these technologies, a substantial change can be brought in medical education and consultancy.

Image result for healthcare industry and information technology4 Brilliant Ways Technology is Stimulating Healthcare Industry

A student can get deep and life-like insights of the human anatomy. He can analyze a 3D model explaining how various diseases infect the human body, and how to carry out an operation. Moreover, leading hospitals have already begun to use the power of virtual reality to cure anxiety, issues related to mental health, as well as severe pain.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Rise of the Chatbots

Competent content writers along with proficient health care expert are putting together their efforts to create intelligent medical assistant chatbots. By analyzing customer’s entered symptoms as well as language patterns, these chatbots speculate the adverse health conditions through making use of detailed data in the databases.

However, chatbots are getting more and more accurate and advanced every day, they are still not slightest of the match of human medical assistance. And the reason are obvious but it’s anticipated that in a few years, AI will use highly complex algorithms based on the intricate psychology of humans, and will acquire the assistance skills that of humans. If you too want to build an AI based chatbot for your website, don’t delay contacting with a leading PHP development service in USA who have vast experience in developing the same.

4. Wearables

Nothing has flaunted off a seamless example of how technology can do wonders to people’s health than the wearable fitness trackers. For instance, smartwatches not only track your blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, they have become more of a fitness motivators that keep you from giving up during your workout session. These devices tell you how much more should you run in order to burn the earlier specified amount of calories.

Technology is here to change the entire healthcare scenario. It’s up to you how early you leverage it.

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Most Important Frameworks For Javascript-based Websites And Apps?

If we talk about the framework, then first thing is to notice that there is a lot of frameworks available out there, allowing developers to choose the right to suit the task at hand. In these frameworks, some framework contains lots of features- which make developers work relevant for a full-blown application workflow.

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Increasing the demand of the JavaScript, most of the JavaScript development is happening based on an MVC-style framework(model, view, Control). Some well known and famous framework that developers might consider is Backbone.Js, Ember.Js, and Angular Js. Each of these frameworks has its own building blocks and MVC style with JavaScript.


Due to the availability of the models with key-value binding and custom events Backbone.Js gives structure to web applications.


It is built for productivity. It is also an Extremely rich templating system with composed views and UI bindings. It’s friendly API help us to work our job fast.


Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications. Node.JS Website Development Services uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.


It is a JavaScript framework from Google for application development. AngularJS is a toolset for building the advanced single page application (SPA) UI. It is fully extensible and works with other libraries. For a unique development, we can modify or replaced feature of AngularJS Website Development Services according to necessities for unique development.

In the last couple of years, JavaScript has made strides in mobile devices. Lots of features of mobile space are being developed using JavaScript. Using HTML5 and JavaScript, Cross Platform application can be developed with audio, video, and geolocation. If we talk about mobile browser then the latest mobile OS (Operating System) like android 4 and ios 5, have boosted the demand of JavaScript. The latest web apps called chrome beta release for Android 4 and iOS also further improves performance of web apps. This apps provides an impressive user experience and also fast.

JavaScript micro-libraries, like Zepto.js and jQuery mobile rapidly-expanding mobile-specific, helps the mobile developer to use JavaScript micro-libraries, that has been optimized for mobile and excludes irrelevant desktop operations.

Pros and Cons of using a framework:

When we use a well-known framework, it boosts the development process. Most of the framework are open source, which means we can update the code and develop according to our choice.

On the negative side, if we are not understanding or handle the framework correctly and we are still changing and updating then framework can be slow or it’s slow down the development process respectively.


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4 Super Hacks To Make Your Blog Popular

Having a blog is really crucial in terms of SERP rank, selling your services or products, or just to indulge readers if you are a writer with great ideas. Despite the quality of your service or content, there are several factors that should be considered if you actually want to make an impact on your viewer’s mind.

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If you haven’t started your blog yet, do it now as readers and consumers strive to go with something that updates frequently. That is to say, you can decide the best framework for your website to be built with as the ball is in your court. Just check out the Google for the best AngularJs web development companies and choose the best after a thorough analysis.

Regardless of the type of the blog you are running, there are certain ways to rocket speed your blog’s popularity. Spamming is undoubtedly a discouraged approach as it gets your website blacklisted. However, a healthy SEO strategy can be used to leverage some of the prominent and popular platforms. Let’s have a look at what are those key points are:

1. Add Your Blog to Popular Blog Communities

Popular blog communities often encapsulate a gigantic reader or consumer base. Thus, adding your blog to those communities offers a lot of scope for exposure. To refrain yourself from the other disregard blogs, you need to go about providing some valuable insights by blog commenting. All this effort sooner than later will pay back with an increased number of subscribers who trust the quality of your content or services.

2. Customize the Design of Your Blog

Before a potential customer reads your content or checks through your offered services, his brain encounters with your blog’s design. A professional and unique layout with a resemblance of your idea or service, assures the customer that you are probably the most appropriate solution. Don’t mind tweaking with the layout until it appears perfect to you.

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3. Constantly Write How-To Guides and Tutorials

Writing about top trends or a past event may indulge your readers until they finish up reading the whole article. However, a guide or a how-to article offers long-term value as the readers will check it out every time they need help. They may download it as a PDF (make sure to include the functionality) or share on their social media accounts in case they find it useful for their friends and family. In other words, a helpful guide can bring about free marketing for you.

4. Leverage the Potential of Guest Blogging

To broaden your reader or customer base you need to step out of the parameter of your blog to the larger pond with more fishes with a big appetite. Popular blogs can provide you the same. Blogs like problogger, lifehacker, medium, the Huffington post, and shoemoney are some of the great platforms where you can establish your roots through quality content.

Make sure to blog as frequently as you can with useful content, services or products. AngularJs is a great open source framework with stunning Content Management System if you want to develop your blog. Website and blog development have become affordable over time and any good AngularJs web development services and make your blog up and running in $1000 to $10,000.