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Website development with Angular JS : A JavaScript framework

AngularJS is an open source web application framework built by Google, It is designed to make both front end development and testing easier for developers. Google actively supports this which suggests a strong future for this framework. The main motive of AngularJS is to longer web applications with MVC capability.

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It is a client side javascript MVC framework with this functionalities, is fully extensible, no library dependencies for code running, and support all other libraries. The main aim of angular is to make HTML markup dynamic and therefore more useful to web developers, while it is also providing a standard structure which’s component created easily and quickly. The use of angularJS framework has meant a greater consistency and solidity in Javascript on the web.

In the future (now) a creative person with even a less knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript can build a proper complete “single page” website. These open source projects put simple, powerful tools in the nimble hands of creative people. Powerful tools like AngularJS.

If you’ve ever worked on jQuery, the first thing is coming in mind about angular is that thus is a completeley different tool. jQuery is a library, but AngularJS is a framework. When your code works with the library, it automatically decides when to call a particular function or operator. On another hand, In the case of the framework, you implement event handlers, and the framework decides at what moment it needs to invoke them.

So if you want an easy and quick development of your website specially its front end than always choose AngularJS website development services. Almost all AngularJS web development companies get a good response from their clients and clients satisfied with the development and have more option for new and unique implements.


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