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Why We Comparing Laravel with Yii?

On an addition, the framework the code maintenance is less demanding & are significantly more secure. The selection of a right PHP framework is pivotal for streamlining the advancement with fast speed and upgraded functionality. To boot, Laravel is the newest entrant & Yii is a veteran in the Laravel application development companies.

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Laravel and its workflow-

Likewise, it encourages unit testing and has incredibly fast and lightweight templating engine named as Blade. Laravel’s spryness and predominant features have been consistently voted as the prevalent framework by most of the dedicated PHP developers.

Yii in its own way-

It makes use of the scaffolding to generate codes. It is touted as the quickest PHP framework due to its loading time. It is a full-stack framework proffering turnkey solutions for RESTful APIs, Active Record for NoSQL databases, and multilevel caching.

Than why we compare them, lets see:

Templating Engines-

Yii does not utilize any default third-party templating device. The web app designers in addition to the Laravel 5 developers can choose the engine (device) as per their inclinations.

Framework’s Migrations-

It encourages filling of static indexes. On these accounts, Laravel offers demonstrated results with higher productivity. So laravel is powerful over Yii.


The high number of packages expands the Laravel’s degree and features while Yii is upheld by 2800 extensions as it were.

Form Validation implementation-

This framework gets muddled on if you have to approve some information within the controller. In this, you ned to fabricate a custom check (verification) technique that raises the development process hassles.

Resources & Peer Support-

Laravel’s resources like learning materials and documentation are vastly improved when contrasted with Yii. So, laravel is on first priority of professional laravel web development company.

Both Yii and Laravel encourage full-stack-

In the meantime, Yii is an awesome framework with high security and strong improvement/development features. Henceforth, this choice, for the most part, relies on upon the inclinations of the web app engineers and Laravel developers.


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