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Why Laravel Has Become the Most Successful PHP Based Framework

If you look at various frameworks based on PHP like Yii, CakePHP, Slim, Symphony, CodeIgniter and many other frameworks, each one has its own limitations and many times the approach to certain problems were lacking professional touch. However, the all new Laravel framework has overcome all those issues and now has becomes the first choice for all the PHP developers.

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Why Laravel

Laravel website development services in USA, a PHP framework has some unique features and functionalities that have made it the most used framework to develop big projects as mentioned below.

  • Functional Core that can be quickly extended
  • Routing is simplest and cleanest
  • Database layer and ORM are most effective
  • No worries issues with the integration of third party libraries
  • Background jobs function for long running programs
  • With growing community around the support is available

Core and Routing

GitHub is where the Laravel kernel is hosted and it implements IoC pattern that allows Laravel developers to customize or rewrite from scratch any segment of the framework. Developers don’t need to spend much time in using existing codes as it can be transferred from other frameworks. It helps in the development of projects quickly. Artisan, which is the extended Symphony console is included with laravel.

PHP developers would be remembering Ruby on Rails implementation as it was considered having the best routing system and Laravel is very similar to it. Developers can easily create resourced for CRUD pages, group routes and binding models to the request parameters is done automatically. This makes Laravel project management quite simple and interesting.

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Package called dingo API Package makes routing more amazing as it adds more features

  • Transformers: If you are looking for response customization then these are the special objects for that purpose.
  • It provides various levels of authentication to protect routes.
  • It has a built-in function that can be used to limit the number of request per user.
    Eloquent ORM

If you have used PostgreSQL and MySQL then you will be a fan of Eloquent ORM as the performance is flawless and Laravel is based on same. It uses query scope that transforms the standard SQL query to a function in Eloquent ORM.


When it comes to big and complex web based applications there are many segments where tasks run for longer time and it makes user to wait for that much time. Laravel web development company in USA have the perfect solution by using Queue function that does not blocks the user requests while performing long running tasks.


This one of the best part that is liked by all the developers as Laravel supports all kinds of third party libraries and there are no hurdles in integrating them. Suppose you are creating an online shopping website then effortless Laravel paypal integration and other payment gateway integration would come in very handy for your project.


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