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4 Super Hacks To Make Your Blog Popular

Having a blog is really crucial in terms of SERP rank, selling your services or products, or just to indulge readers if you are a writer with great ideas. Despite the quality of your service or content, there are several factors that should be considered if you actually want to make an impact on your viewer’s mind.

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If you haven’t started your blog yet, do it now as readers and consumers strive to go with something that updates frequently. That is to say, you can decide the best framework for your website to be built with as the ball is in your court. Just check out the Google for the best AngularJs web development companies and choose the best after a thorough analysis.

Regardless of the type of the blog you are running, there are certain ways to rocket speed your blog’s popularity. Spamming is undoubtedly a discouraged approach as it gets your website blacklisted. However, a healthy SEO strategy can be used to leverage some of the prominent and popular platforms. Let’s have a look at what are those key points are:

1. Add Your Blog to Popular Blog Communities

Popular blog communities often encapsulate a gigantic reader or consumer base. Thus, adding your blog to those communities offers a lot of scope for exposure. To refrain yourself from the other disregard blogs, you need to go about providing some valuable insights by blog commenting. All this effort sooner than later will pay back with an increased number of subscribers who trust the quality of your content or services.

2. Customize the Design of Your Blog

Before a potential customer reads your content or checks through your offered services, his brain encounters with your blog’s design. A professional and unique layout with a resemblance of your idea or service, assures the customer that you are probably the most appropriate solution. Don’t mind tweaking with the layout until it appears perfect to you.

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3. Constantly Write How-To Guides and Tutorials

Writing about top trends or a past event may indulge your readers until they finish up reading the whole article. However, a guide or a how-to article offers long-term value as the readers will check it out every time they need help. They may download it as a PDF (make sure to include the functionality) or share on their social media accounts in case they find it useful for their friends and family. In other words, a helpful guide can bring about free marketing for you.

4. Leverage the Potential of Guest Blogging

To broaden your reader or customer base you need to step out of the parameter of your blog to the larger pond with more fishes with a big appetite. Popular blogs can provide you the same. Blogs like problogger, lifehacker, medium, the Huffington post, and shoemoney are some of the great platforms where you can establish your roots through quality content.

Make sure to blog as frequently as you can with useful content, services or products. AngularJs is a great open source framework with stunning Content Management System if you want to develop your blog. Website and blog development have become affordable over time and any good AngularJs web development services and make your blog up and running in $1000 to $10,000.



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