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Why Should You Leverage Social Proof to Skyrocket Your Business

Recently I crossed roads with one of my old friends. After a brief talk, he started to flaunt his whole new ‘Fidget Spinner’.  

The concept and the toy looked pretty basic to me and out of the curiosity, I asked him why did he buy it? He glared at me like I am an alien and after a brief pause of several seconds, he finally constructed an answer and said- “Because it’s trending”. He mentioned that a lot of his friends and favorite celebrities bought them as well.

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You might be thinking that how this tiny story can serve any value to your business. Well, if we dig a bit further, a concept called ‘Social Proof’ reveals.

A slew of smart entrepreneurs, with the help of PHP web development companies, are optimizing their websites and social media content to employ ‘social proof’ as a way to escalate influence and sales.

What is Social Proof?

Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon and experts explain it as how a person acts in the public or finds an action correct in a particular circumstance depends on the fact that how his/her relatives, friends, or celebrities usually act in the same circumstance. In other words, people’s actions and thoughts are results of what they see others around them.


How One Can Leverage Social Proof for Your Business Growth?

Let’s say you are running and online store that sells outfits for all occasion and season. Normally, you would have a constant sales graph of a particular T-Shirt.

However, as soon as you post a pic of a famous celebrity on your company’s Facebook account, wearing the same T-shirt with the link of it on your website, the sales of the same will skyrocket before you know. In today’s times, a number of PHP web development services also offer content marketing experts that can advise you the ways to employ this concept for your business growth.


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