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Google I/O Conference 2017: Highlights and Google’s Leap For Future

The Google’s annual I/O 2017 conference just finished in San Francisco, California and left lots of users enthralled. As a developer working in a renowned Laravel web development company in USA, I was curious and eagerly attended the conference to get insights of what Google features for the mobile and website world. I have noted down the following highlights:

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The Statistics: Increasing Number of Users for Both Android and Google

The tech giant Google, powering the 85% of daily internet searches, is also rapidly growing enormously as its popular video streaming subsidiary YouTube crossed 1 billion users. Among those 1 billion searches, a whopping 60% were done via mobile devices, suggesting the fact how people act while on the go. That also renders that businesses should optimize their website according to the size of mobile devices and moreover should opt for a professional app.

Another statistic suggested that 1 to 2 billion photos are being uploaded to Google across the world every day. Even the Gmail has got 1 billion users, thanks to the free Google Docs with amazing free 15 GB space.

Android O

Related imageGoogle’s new Android version ‘O’ will soon be available to upgrade and now supports Kotlin programming language as announced. It has several salient features such as the ‘picture-in-picture’ mode, notification dots, and auto saving technology that are exciting the users.

Google Lens

The Google lens now recognize text info in the picture along with identifying photos and content. Experts are speculating of Google lens as the future of how the computing will be done, maybe it will become advanced enough to operate by the brain signal. Who knows? However, leading Laravel web development services should tighten their belts and stay ready for whatever the future holds.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Google is working on its new virtual reality device that won’t require a smartphone, known as the VR-platform daydream. The primary focus of Google might be the education sector rather than games in terms of incorporating virtual reality.


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5 Reasons Hiring a Laravel Web Development Company for Your Website is a Great Idea

The revolution of the internet has taken the world by storm. Business websites have become a new way for businesses to interact with their customers. Statistics by the International Telecommunication Union suggest that over 3 billion, about half the world’s population, used the Internet in 2015, and the number is increasing continually.

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The larger part of that data is the users from developing countries, an emerging market for developed countries to generate revenue. By taking the wraps off of the data indicating the total number of websites in the world, there is one website per seven people. And, if you, be it as it may, don’t have your own business website, then you are passing off a huge opportunity. On the off chance your business grows, wouldn’t you want to heighten its stature, invigorate its pillar, and market it to the extra mile? An expert laravel web development company may come in handy if you develop second thoughts on not having a business website.

Have a look at the famous quote by Benazir Bhutto- “The Internet is the great equalizer. The technology which emanated from the Silicon Valley of California has more potential to ameliorate social inequality than any development in the history of the world, including the industrial revolution.” With each passing year, we are witnessing the tremendous rate by which companies are getting skyrocketed by making use of latest technologies.

Writers, healthcare professionals, bakers, creative artists, and even music bands all over the globe are well on their way to raise their games, thanks to the online presence they made through professional websites and social media. And, if you certain on getting your website developed then the first step is to mull over choosing the right platform for it. Laravel, the free, open-source, PHP web framework is here to extricate you of your worries in this regard. Getting a professional help from a renowned laravel application development company will result in an excellent return on your investment (ROI). Let’s have a look at the apparent benefits of Laravel:

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1. Integration with Mail: Laravel make it easy to integrate with mail service to send notifications to user’s emails.

2. Tool Integration for Speed: Laravel offers integration with caching backend that helps improve the speed of web applications.

3. Better Exception Handling: Laravel minimizes the probability of crashes and run-time errors with its improved error handling mechanism.

4. Testing Automation: It takes off most of developer’s (tester’s) troubles with a more accurate automation testing. Testing ensures that a site will perform on the off chance that a mild-to-moderate error occurs.

5. Ensures Authenticity: Laravel facilitates easy authentication and authorization that help prevent any unauthorized users from gaining access to vulnerable areas of your website.

In this era of information technology when the majority of the population is using the internet to find services, products, or anything that amuses them, not appending your business to the trending tech, may hinder your future success. Hence, promoting your brand, your work, or even your creativeness through a solid online presence i.e. a professional website and social media presence will pay you in the long run in terms of success and recognition.

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Laravel Vs. CodeIgniter Vs. Symfony

PHP is a popular and powerful platform known by one and all. It is not very surprising to know that over 50% of the web that we use today is powered by the well-known PHP. Every PHP developer knows how the framework makes complex and tough things simple. The framework is highly manageable and as for developers, it is fun to work with. With so many PHP frameworks available out there, the developers are surely spoilt for choices and they really find it hard to chose and work with one. In this article, you will find a quick check on three of the PHP framework stated with its advantages and disadvantages. Laravel,


Laravel Website Development Services USA is a new kid in the block and is yet another amazing PHP framework for website artisans. Popular for creating huge enterprise applications, Laravel has various advantages. It also creates simple JSON APIs. Writing slim RESTful routes or powerful controllers, Laravel is best for jobs of any sizes.

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1. The documentation of Laravel is very good and thorough. For new covers, Laravel is the best framework to work with as it covers everything.

2. Laravel comes along with Artisan, its own CLI, right out of the box. With Artisan, the PHP web developers can perform a variety of tasks such as sending databases, migrating databases, clearing cache, and much more.

3. Laravel can easily help in writing Backend as it offers intuitive Eloquent CRUD, simple JSON response, resource routing and powerful migrations.

4. The web developers can change the configuration with Laravel and also extend the application with libraries.

5. ORM offered by Laravel is fast and simple and efficiently helps in organizing databases.

6. Laravel is open source framework making it easier for developers to work with. 7. Laravel properly handles event queuing.


Symfony is yet another popular PHP framework that is widely used for web projects. It is known mostly to speed up the building and maintenance of any PHP Website Development Services USA. Web developers love to use the power of Symfony in controlling repetitive coding tasks.

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1. Symfony has been released under MIT license and is open source framework.

2. It has an amazingly large plugin ecosystem as it has a large dedicated community. The plugins reduce the development time and ensure productivity.

3. Symfony uses Doctrine ORM as an abstraction layer over databases so that flexibility can be maintained.

4. It has one of the most popular and active community.

5. Symfony has a built-in debug toolbar that can be used for easy debugging.

6. Symfony employs Twig that is an easy-to-learn template engine.

7. With Symfony, you can become a better web programmer.


CodeIgniter is a dominant PHP framework that comes with a very small footprint. Web developers who are keen on building simple, elegant and feature-rich web applications must use it. CodeIgniter is an agile and open framework that has been powering the next generation of PHP web application creation.

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1. CodeIgniter is beginner friendly as it can be easily learned and used.

2. The documentation of CodeIgniter is clear, thorough and structured.

3. It has a 3 MB footprint.

4. As it has been tested by hundreds of developers, no bugs can ever go unnoticed.

5. It has a large active community.

6. Again licensed by MIT, CodeIgniter is an open source framework.

7. You can cache web pages and reduce loading time.

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Why Laravel Has Become the Most Successful PHP Based Framework

If you look at various frameworks based on PHP like Yii, CakePHP, Slim, Symphony, CodeIgniter and many other frameworks, each one has its own limitations and many times the approach to certain problems were lacking professional touch. However, the all new Laravel framework has overcome all those issues and now has becomes the first choice for all the PHP developers.

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Why Laravel

Laravel website development services in USA, a PHP framework has some unique features and functionalities that have made it the most used framework to develop big projects as mentioned below.

  • Functional Core that can be quickly extended
  • Routing is simplest and cleanest
  • Database layer and ORM are most effective
  • No worries issues with the integration of third party libraries
  • Background jobs function for long running programs
  • With growing community around the support is available

Core and Routing

GitHub is where the Laravel kernel is hosted and it implements IoC pattern that allows Laravel developers to customize or rewrite from scratch any segment of the framework. Developers don’t need to spend much time in using existing codes as it can be transferred from other frameworks. It helps in the development of projects quickly. Artisan, which is the extended Symphony console is included with laravel.

PHP developers would be remembering Ruby on Rails implementation as it was considered having the best routing system and Laravel is very similar to it. Developers can easily create resourced for CRUD pages, group routes and binding models to the request parameters is done automatically. This makes Laravel project management quite simple and interesting.

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Package called dingo API Package makes routing more amazing as it adds more features

  • Transformers: If you are looking for response customization then these are the special objects for that purpose.
  • It provides various levels of authentication to protect routes.
  • It has a built-in function that can be used to limit the number of request per user.
    Eloquent ORM

If you have used PostgreSQL and MySQL then you will be a fan of Eloquent ORM as the performance is flawless and Laravel is based on same. It uses query scope that transforms the standard SQL query to a function in Eloquent ORM.


When it comes to big and complex web based applications there are many segments where tasks run for longer time and it makes user to wait for that much time. Laravel web development company in USA have the perfect solution by using Queue function that does not blocks the user requests while performing long running tasks.


This one of the best part that is liked by all the developers as Laravel supports all kinds of third party libraries and there are no hurdles in integrating them. Suppose you are creating an online shopping website then effortless Laravel paypal integration and other payment gateway integration would come in very handy for your project.

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Integrate Laravel with WordPress for Web Application

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Laravel, an open source PHP web application framework gives the perfect infrastructure for website application. It makes the developer’s job easy as there is no need to spend time on code design, configuration, templating, security, and, etc. And is stands as the smart choice for a completely customized solution. Being the best framework of 2015, it is adopted by several business persons for web application development, which has led to the sudden increase in the Laravel application development company in USA  The common tasks like authentication, sessions, routing, caching, and, etc., are made easy with Laravel.

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And mention not to say, WordPress is the most popular PHP-based CMS framework used for blogging, e-commerce business, corporate demands, and any other purpose you mention.

These two platforms are unique and special in their own ways with special and appreciable characteristics. When these two are integrated together it is just like the icing the cake. Laravel WordPress Integration brings more benefits as one will get a perfect blend of usability and customization. The most popular way of setting up a site is to build the frontend with Laravel and use WordPress as the admin. There are several ways to integrate. Though combining the software is not an easy job, this combination is a perfect easy choice for the developers.

Some of the available packages are:

  • WordPress Corcel which uses the Laravel Eloquent models to manage content retrieval from WordPress database.
  • WordPressToLaravel is designed to run as the scheduled job throughLaravel scheduler. It syncs the data from blog.
  • WPEloquent creates the wrapper for the database tables of WordPress like models for comments, user, posts, and, etc.
  • Laravel-wp-api is integrated directly with the WordPress JSONREST API in self-hosted sites.
  • WordPlate is built on Laravel component where WordPress forms its dependency through the PHP composer.

Some of the advantages of the integration are as follows:

  • Laravel website development services in USA works well with the major browsers and ranks high in the search results.
  • The Laravel templates have simple web page layout with divisions.
  • The Form Request, one of the advanced Laravel 5 feature serves for data process and validation and creates simple contact forms with functional fields.
  • The Artisan schedule of Laravel simplifies the scheduled task.
  • Laravel integrated with WordPress saves time and cost-effective.
  • Laravel plugins are supported by WordPress.
  • Developing apps on WordPress with Laravel is the best choice.
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Why We Comparing Laravel with Yii?

On an addition, the framework the code maintenance is less demanding & are significantly more secure. The selection of a right PHP framework is pivotal for streamlining the advancement with fast speed and upgraded functionality. To boot, Laravel is the newest entrant & Yii is a veteran in the Laravel application development companies.

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Laravel and its workflow-

Likewise, it encourages unit testing and has incredibly fast and lightweight templating engine named as Blade. Laravel’s spryness and predominant features have been consistently voted as the prevalent framework by most of the dedicated PHP developers.

Yii in its own way-

It makes use of the scaffolding to generate codes. It is touted as the quickest PHP framework due to its loading time. It is a full-stack framework proffering turnkey solutions for RESTful APIs, Active Record for NoSQL databases, and multilevel caching.

Than why we compare them, lets see:

Templating Engines-

Yii does not utilize any default third-party templating device. The web app designers in addition to the Laravel 5 developers can choose the engine (device) as per their inclinations.

Framework’s Migrations-

It encourages filling of static indexes. On these accounts, Laravel offers demonstrated results with higher productivity. So laravel is powerful over Yii.


The high number of packages expands the Laravel’s degree and features while Yii is upheld by 2800 extensions as it were.

Form Validation implementation-

This framework gets muddled on if you have to approve some information within the controller. In this, you ned to fabricate a custom check (verification) technique that raises the development process hassles.

Resources & Peer Support-

Laravel’s resources like learning materials and documentation are vastly improved when contrasted with Yii. So, laravel is on first priority of professional laravel web development company.

Both Yii and Laravel encourage full-stack-

In the meantime, Yii is an awesome framework with high security and strong improvement/development features. Henceforth, this choice, for the most part, relies on upon the inclinations of the web app engineers and Laravel developers.

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Large Scale Laravel Application

We all know right now Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. The directory structure is great, well organized, defined and straight-forward. Working in the default project structure provided by Laravel website development services are absolutely fine when we are working in a small or medium sized project. But, when it is a large application with more than 50 models, that is the time we start to choke on our own code base. Maintaining a large application is no joke. Especially when it is not organized properly. And the default structure of Laravel is definitely not very helpful for this scenario. But first, let’s revise how we can manage a Laravel application when does the problem appears.


There is nothing wrong with the structure. But when we work in a large application we used to divide our business logic into Repositories, Transformers etc.

The problem is not in navigating different folders but in maintaining the code and inter-communication among the services.

Lets analyze the code base and see what we can find –

  • It is aMonolith application
  • It is hard (for some developers) toMaintain
  • Productivityis low (need to think about inter-connection all the time)
  • Scalingis an issue

The solution is obvious- Microservice. Although we are using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), we still will have to break our monolith application into smaller independent parts to scale them separately.

Awesome, we have a solution. Then why don’t we just do it? Break the code into smaller parts. It is obviously easier to say than doing it!

Usually separating a service requires two simple steps-

  • Move the service children (Models, Repositories, Transformers etc.) into a new smaller PHP microservice application.
  • Re-factor the service function calls to redirect the target to the microservice (eg. create HTTP request).

But now you need to find all the files related to that service. And surprisingly, you may find out that you have used its models or repositories somewhere else in the code by bypassing the service (I did this in the past). But this is not the only problem, there is more.