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Laravel Vs. CodeIgniter Vs. Symfony

PHP is a popular and powerful platform known by one and all. It is not very surprising to know that over 50% of the web that we use today is powered by the well-known PHP. Every PHP developer knows how the framework makes complex and tough things simple. The framework is highly manageable and as for developers, it is fun to work with. With so many PHP frameworks available out there, the developers are surely spoilt for choices and they really find it hard to chose and work with one. In this article, you will find a quick check on three of the PHP framework stated with its advantages and disadvantages. Laravel,


Laravel Website Development Services USA is a new kid in the block and is yet another amazing PHP framework for website artisans. Popular for creating huge enterprise applications, Laravel has various advantages. It also creates simple JSON APIs. Writing slim RESTful routes or powerful controllers, Laravel is best for jobs of any sizes.

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1. The documentation of Laravel is very good and thorough. For new covers, Laravel is the best framework to work with as it covers everything.

2. Laravel comes along with Artisan, its own CLI, right out of the box. With Artisan, the PHP web developers can perform a variety of tasks such as sending databases, migrating databases, clearing cache, and much more.

3. Laravel can easily help in writing Backend as it offers intuitive Eloquent CRUD, simple JSON response, resource routing and powerful migrations.

4. The web developers can change the configuration with Laravel and also extend the application with libraries.

5. ORM offered by Laravel is fast and simple and efficiently helps in organizing databases.

6. Laravel is open source framework making it easier for developers to work with. 7. Laravel properly handles event queuing.


Symfony is yet another popular PHP framework that is widely used for web projects. It is known mostly to speed up the building and maintenance of any PHP Website Development Services USA. Web developers love to use the power of Symfony in controlling repetitive coding tasks.

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1. Symfony has been released under MIT license and is open source framework.

2. It has an amazingly large plugin ecosystem as it has a large dedicated community. The plugins reduce the development time and ensure productivity.

3. Symfony uses Doctrine ORM as an abstraction layer over databases so that flexibility can be maintained.

4. It has one of the most popular and active community.

5. Symfony has a built-in debug toolbar that can be used for easy debugging.

6. Symfony employs Twig that is an easy-to-learn template engine.

7. With Symfony, you can become a better web programmer.


CodeIgniter is a dominant PHP framework that comes with a very small footprint. Web developers who are keen on building simple, elegant and feature-rich web applications must use it. CodeIgniter is an agile and open framework that has been powering the next generation of PHP web application creation.

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1. CodeIgniter is beginner friendly as it can be easily learned and used.

2. The documentation of CodeIgniter is clear, thorough and structured.

3. It has a 3 MB footprint.

4. As it has been tested by hundreds of developers, no bugs can ever go unnoticed.

5. It has a large active community.

6. Again licensed by MIT, CodeIgniter is an open source framework.

7. You can cache web pages and reduce loading time.

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Node Js Vs PHP – Challenges Faced by Web Developers

With the advent of Node.js in the web development arena, there has been an increasing speculation about its superiority over PHP, the most well-known programming language. Debates and discussions are rife regarding which is better for web development.

Every developer must try to develop at least a simple application in Node. This will enlighten you about the pros and cons, and also the latest updates about Node. PHP Website Development Services in USA has undergone a number of changes since its outset. A number of versions with improvements have been introduced. It is slowly transforming into a language developer actually need.

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Increasing the Learning Curve:

No matter what stage of life you are at, Learning is an important and indispensable part of it. It helps you expand your horizons. Learning Node you will also get to know its abilities to enhance performance and solidarity both in your front-end and back-end code. This ensures better testing and code verification for an elimination of bugs.

There is no doubt that there are loads of open source PHP projects developed. However, it is also true that a number of projects have not been touched for years together.

Node.js is a new code developed by programmers who completely understand the modern web apps. Node.JS Website Development Services in USA varies from PHP in the sense that it enables you to present your logical processing to the client. This event-driven system ensures that the client is always kept updated. JavaScript has its own restrictions, but the modern language supports advanced syntax including closures. Whilst extending JavaScript you can transform it into an object configured as per your requirements.


You can expect speed when working with Node as it is built on a computationally sound core system built considering modern web servers and their interactions. The node requires fewer CPU resources and can easily respond to the high number of requests in a short span of time.

There won’t be much difference in processing or event times if you have joined hands with Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, and PHP OpCache whilst using PHP. However, the multi-threaded setup of PHP will serve as a major barricade.

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This is where Node really becomes a hit. When there are multiple connections, your server highly requires shifting to asynchronous and non-blocking, and, if any part of your code hinders then you will require a thread which involves a huge overhead both in terms of resources and speed.

With so many connections it is nearly impossible to go on creating threads for each connection. On the other hand, Node is non-blocking and asynchronous.


To pass logic from one asynchronous call to the next Node makes use of Gridlock. This will ensure that new threads are safe from spawning. There is also no requirement for a deadlocked process. There is no function in Node which performs I/O. This implies that the process never blocks which is a major outcome of scalable systems.


With Node your code is totally asynchronous and if not handled appropriately, then you can end up with a callback refuge wherein you end up looping up into a callback chain.


PHP and SQL are chums as they work in sync. On the other hand, Node serves as the powerhouse for JSON. SQL can be accessed by a number of plugins, but JSON is the basic language for communicating with a number of NoSQL databases. If you are going to work on a project requiring loads of SQL or you are not open to use NoSQL approach, then you may have to spend a lot of time in re-writing your query logic to enable your calls to support asynchronous blocks.

Segregation of Concerns:

PHP is the most impeccable language for a project. There are a number of frameworks with MVC structure, but there is nothing preventing you from churning out a file having some logic, database calls, and HTML output. It is not the same in the case of Node which segregates the fundamental components which give a clear classification of concern across controllers/routes, models and views.

In the end, I would only like to say that it is your choice. However, it would be better to learn something new than to go on with the customary. New technologies are always in demand and given the popularity of Node in Node.JS Web Development Company in USA you must try and hone your Node skills.

Michael Waugh is a tech blogger & work with Potenza Global Solutions. PGS is leading PHP Development Company that involves a team of expert open source programmers and designers who are trained to deliver web projects with great professionalism.

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PHP Web Development Services A Glance At Its Benefits And Key Features

Are you running an online business? Do you want to enhance your company’s profit margin by developing your web pages? PHP Website Development services in USA can be truly beneficial for the purpose of developing the web pages of your websites. This PHP is basically an all purpose server friendly scripting language which is generally used for developing the different websites or designing the web pages with a unique style. The hypertext preprocessor or PHP enhances the opportunities of secured online shopping or plunking different useful web applications on your web pages. Before engaging with any PHP Web Development Company, you must consider some basic advantages of PHP services.

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Why Choose PHP Web Development services

There are quite a large number of benefits behind the use of such kind of web development services. Here are some key features of like nature services;

Cost Free Software- The software required for employing the PHP web development service is generally software which does not require any extra cost for use. Easy availability of this software makes it more popular for developing the web pages in a great manner

Flexible Compatibility- The service can be used with most of the servers for websites, web platforms or RDBMS systems. This software is also compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Unix etc.

Orientation in Folders and Codes- There are specifically synchronized folder options under PHP framework, where you don’t require creating the folder links like before. Here, the coding interface can also get you an excellent experience of code editing.

Documentation and Utilities- You can get here pre-loaded documentations from different libraries and make use of dissimilar types of utility programs for constructing the database validation of forms, filtering of data, managing the emails, cookies, calendars and so on.

Rapid Development- The PHP truly helps you in faster developing of your web pages applying least number of codes. Sustaining codes, changing the irrelevant codes or capturing bugs will be faster if you advance your correlation with this type of services. Other frameworks related to rapid development like Drupal, Symfony, Mambo, Code Igniter etc. have come up much developed by this system.

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Safety Measures- PHP services provide automated security measures against various kinds of threats or attacks. Attacks like SQL injection, XSS attacks from user inputs or cookies with malware can be mechanically destroyed by their latest infrastructural supports.

Back Up from like nature community- You can also get help from the experts of their active supportive community or send your feedback to them. You can also learn a horde of things through browsing the community member’s listing of emails or messages.

Hence, this is truly essential to consider such basic reasons prior to initiating a service related to PHP Web Development services. It is expected that you will get an enormous assistance from this article and will tread forward pretty sensibly while hiring PHP Web Development Company in USA.

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Choose Best PHP Development Services

With the advancement of technology each day, competition amongst web developing companies and web developers is increasing consistently. Struggle for existence has become the most important factor nowadays and only the fittest of all can survive in such a situation. PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor has stood as a strong contender in this competitive market of PHP Web Development Company in the USA, and hence is being used most by the web users.

Now, let’s assume that you want to develop a website for your company or may be for your client. Before developing a website, choosing an appropriated scripting language plays a very important role. Choosing such a scripting language which is not only convenient to use and implement is a challenge in its own self. However, if you are using PHP as a scripting language, you can refrain yourself from the general technical glitches, that are otherwise encountered by programmers while using other coding languages.

But why should one go in for PHP as a scripting language?

Nowadays you can find a good number of programmers who hold a fair knowledge of PHP. Even many students urge to learn PHP these days. So becomes much easier for you to hire a PHP developer, to create a website for you.

Further, there are number of other factors, which has made PHP a popular scripting language-

1. The first factor that needs to be mentioned is that PHP is a scripting language of the server-side. It is the best solution if you want to create a dynamic web page.

2. PHP is basically an open source development platform. Hence it is very much easy and comfortable to use.

3. HTML codes are used to encode PHP, as a scripting language.

4. PHP can run on several diverse platforms like UNIX, Linux Windows, and many other platforms.

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5. In fact, PHP is even compatible with IIS and Apache.

6. Several important and vastly used applications like Ajax and Flash can easily be integrated with PHP.

7. PHP supports several databases like Oracle, My SQL, and many others.

As technology is growing faster day by day, so are the complexities in the programming languages. Tapping the trend, PHP Website Development Services is always updated on regular basis to meet the requirement of more advanced uses. This makes PHP more useful as well as successful as a scripting language.

Some overall benefits of PHP:

1. PHP is very much useful in creating an attractive website that too with minimum expenditure & effort.

2. PHP has an inbuilt memory optimization. It also enhances the speed of processing of the servers.

3. An external plug-in is not required while developing a website using PHP. Hence working with PHP is much easier.

4. Troubleshooting with PHP is a hassle-free task.

5. Websites that are developed using PHP language, are much more SEO friendly than the other programming languages.

6. It is undoubtedly one of the best content management systems.

Thus with the advancement of PHP, the developers find it the best option for developing a website.

If you are an employer, then you must hire a PHP developer. The reasons are as follows:

1. PHP developers can complete your web development task easily and effortlessly, and that too as per your requirements.

2. You can easily find an experienced developer, as most of the developers prefer to work on PHP nowadays.

So, let loose all your worries; hire an experienced PHP developer, and wait to see how wonderfully your website can turn out to be!